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Our public testing phase is complete and was a huge success! The next-generation IDO launchpad received a spirited response from the DeFi community and we would like to extend our sincere gratitude to everyone that participated. We are proud to have such enthusiastic supporters behind us!

As a token of our appreciation we’ve increased the reward for public testing participants from 50 to 70 SCA tokens! 🤝

Public Testing Recap

Our mission is to transform the IDO space, step by step, with a complete state state-of-the-art approach. And you can’t build the next-generation IDO launchpad by simply forking an existing platform. We’re building…

Leading DeFi innovators join forces to provide a vastly improved IDO experience

Scaleswap is pleased to announce a partnership with Biconomy, a leading technology company in the blockchain space building a multi-chain transaction infrastructure for next-generation web 3 applications.

This past year has been all about DeFi’s surging popularity and its potential to transform finance. However, with a less than ideal user experience and Ethereum transaction fees pricing many out of network usage, the race is on to usher in a new phase — making DeFi accessible and user-friendly for the masses.

Scaleswap, the next-generation IDO launchpad harnessing the power of Ethereum Layer 2 scaling, is committed to eliminating the common barriers…

The next generation launchpad on L2 has reached another major milestone — and we’re calling on all the passionate members of our community to participate!

We have liftoff!

After months of hard work and development, we’re excited to announce that our platform is opening for public testing on Ethereum/Polygon Mainnet!

Scaleswap is positioned to redefine the IDO launchpad space by making excessive gas fees a thing of the past, and reimagining community appreciation and governance by shifting from pure lotteries and valuing only the amount of tokens that are held, to a multi-dimensional scoring system where you can earn guaranteed participation in pools over time.

“We’ve never been more certain of the necessity for a community-centric layer 2 launchpad that transforms the fundraising scheme and go-to-market strategy, step…

Introducting the Red Diamond NFT: ‘From The Mist I Bloom’

Scaleswap, the world’s first fair IDO launchpad has collaborated with renowned artist Bosslogic to create a ‘one of one’ NFT with a special utility — dubbed The Red Diamond — that will unlock exclusive lifetime benefits on the upcoming Scaleswap platform.

Scaleswap and Bosslogic have partnered with SuperRare and NFTU to auction the world’s first NFT token with special utility. This ‘one of one’ piece, specially made for Scaleswap acts as a ‘skeleton key’ for the holder to unlock special benefits on the Scaleswap IDO launchpad.

This exclusive piece will be released on 26 May 2021 in a limited timed…

NFT & SCA Token Giveaway Part II

Scaleswap began with a genuine desire to create positive change in the IDO launchpad space. In the last few weeks, we’ve been fortunate to receive an incredible amount of support for our mission from our early community members. We are blown away by your kind words, insightful comments, and amazing energy.

To show our appreciation, we’re thrilled to announce part II of our NFT and SCA token giveaway: “Loyal is the New Brave”.


  • 8 Orange Diamond NFT’s (winners determined by lottery)
  • A pool of 40,000 SCA Tokens with a 6-month vesting (split between participants that meet all the giveaway requirements)

Building in a new and highly competitive DeFi sector, we’re often asked: What sets Scaleswap apart from other IDO Launchpads? In this article, we’ll take a deeper look into the vision, features and key differentiators of our platform.

What is Scaleswap?

Scaleswap is the next generation IDO launchpad, harnessing the power of Ethereum Layer 2 scaling (powered by Polygon) to provide innovative features and a vastly improved IDO experience for users. …

Hacken successfully completed a security audit of Scaleswap’s smart contracts.

We are pleased to announce that Hacken, a premiere cybersecurity company and leader in the blockchain security sector, has successfully completed a code review and security analysis of Scaleswap’s Smart Contracts.

Hacken has assigned Scaleswap with the highest possible rating of “well-secured”, having uncovered zero critical issues. You can view their full findings here.

“We are very proud that the growing number of promising companies that can revolutionize the DeFi industry cooperate with Hacken experts on detecting and addressing security flaws. …

The 10 most authentic comments, chosen by the Scaleswap team, will win 100 SCA tokens each!

To celebrate the highly anticipated launch of our platform, we’re rewarding our early community members with SCA token prizes!

SCA is our native ERC-20 token — a pure utility token that will enable and empower a multitude of use cases within our ecosystem. Learn more about the SCA token utility and benefits here.

What is Scaleswap?

Scaleswap is building the next generation IDO launchpad, harnessing the power of Ethereum Layer 2 scaling to provide innovative features and a vastly improved IDO experience for users. We aim to set the new standard in the launchpad space by making excessive gas fees a thing of…

With our highly anticipated launch fast approaching, it’s a great time to dive into the basics of the SCA token and the vital role it will play within our ecosystem.

Scaleswap is the next generation IDO launchpad, harnessing the power of layer 2 scaling to provide innovative features and a vastly improved IDO experience. We aim to set the new standard in DeFi by making excessive gas fees a thing of the past, and re-imagining community appreciation and governance through a comprehensive scoring system that rewards loyalty and participation in 5 different dimensions.

The SCA Token

Scaleswap is a fully token-centric project with…

The Scaleswap community is our most precious asset and we’re extremely pleased to see it come to life so quickly. From DeFi enthusiasts to top-tier funds, we’ve managed to attract a number of amazing people who share our vision and passion for the next generation IDO launchpad. To show our appreciation, we’ve put together some cool gifts that we’re giving away to our early supporters.

  • Unique NFTs that contain special attributes allowing various levels of access to pools on our platform
  • SCA token prizes

We’ll also be auctioning one exclusive NFT, with unique artwork from a known artist, that provides…


ScaleSwap is a fully decentralized IDO launchpad — harnessing the power of an advanced layer 2 scaling protocol. We aim to set the new standard for DeFi.

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